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Car transport in Kent

Contact Mark for a quote: info@cartransportinkent.co.uk or 07908048233


23 x 8 ft fully enclosed classic and super car trailer being towed by a fully capable and insured Ford Ranger truck.
The 23 x 8 ft fully enclosed curtain side trailer designed to carry vehicles as large as Bentley turbos and Rolls Royce phantoms provides complete protection and discreet transportation. All vehicles wil be secured using protective wheel straps which prevent any area of tension from contacting the paint surface of the wheel. Vehicles will be left in gear with the handbrake applied where possible as well as the use of wheel chocks during the process of loading and unloading for extra security. The use of wheel covers for extra piece of mind can also be arranged free of charge.
Our 16.5 x 6.5 ft Tilt bed trailer sitting just 20 inches off the ground paired with extending ramps is low enough to safely load a range of vehicles with lowering kits. The complete flat bed flooring sitting above the wheels means there are very few vehicles too wide or too thin for our trailer, it also allows transport for 3 wheeled vehicles such as trikes. We have an electric winch fitted to make light work of loading and safe unloading of non running vehicles. All vehicles are left in gear where possible with the hand break applied and are secured at all 4 wheels. We carry wheel covers which will be fitted before fastening upon request.
A 16.5 x 6.5 ft Tilt bed trailer holding a Yellow Boss Mustang strapped down securely being towed by a Ford Ranger truck.
A 9 x 5 ft fully enclosed box trailer holding a motorcycle securely.
We use a 9 x 5 ft fully enclosed box trailer when transporting motorcycles. The front of the motorcycles are fastened via an adjustable front wheel clamp which only contacts the tyre as well as a two point harness which wraps around both handle bar grips and is then ratchet strapped to the floor of the trailer to ensure no left or right movement without contacting any areas of paint. We also use a front break harness which keeps the front break engaged for extra security. To secure the rear of the motorcycle we use a harness which sits over the rear wheel and is strapped at both sides to the floor of the trailer. These harness' only in contact with rubber, paired together allows the motorcycle to be securely fastened while staying up right preventing any damage or wear to any areas of paint.
Please visit our motorcycle transport site for more information.